“NChans” is a serie created in 2013 by Martial “Masharu-Law” and NChallenge. The serie is about pinups hostesses called the NChans, working for a company/agency specialized in cards game tournaments and gambling games. It’s not until 2015 that NChallenge started to expand the NChans serie (story, new characters…) and create contents, with NChans Profile released on Android devices in 2016.

The NChans are women from around the world, lead by the brazilian pinup Honchan.¬†They are mainly represented in chibi form because this form makes anime characters more simple but especially more cute. So that makes the pinups twice charming! The name “NChans” come from the characters being at the origin the NChallenge’s mascots . Honchan, Stachan and Pinchan was the very first characters, created in 2011 even before NChans’s creation. In the fiction, “The NChans” referes directly to the characters as a group.

NChans Studio is the official website dedicated to the NChans serie, started initially in 2015 as part of NChallenge website and independant since 2016. It serves as primary source of informations and contents related to the characters. The website name is from “studio”, the place where models do photo shoots.

NChans and NChans logo are trademarks of Martial / NChallenge.
Illustrations made by respective artists.