Cutomize your device with the pinups NChans! Find Honchan and the NC hostesses in various high definition illustrations with this free mobile app!

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NChans Profile app is discontinued since January 2017. It’s now part of the brand new NChans Style app and serves as quick guide to learn more about the NChans series and characters within the app.

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2 weeks ago

Update: The Pinups Summer #2 set was initially planned as the september update. The set is not ready yet. To compense the delay, Summer Honchan style will be free to use for 2 months (up until 2020). We will communicate the...

1 month ago

We added an About section, including Website and Privacy policies. Please read the following information. This page may change in the future to update informations regarding the series "NChans". ►

1 month ago

Profiles of Taechan, Urachan, Raychan, Firchan, Fulchan, Guachan, Chichan, Nyachan, Myschan and Popchan have been added to NChans Studio. More informations: ▶️