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Thanks for visiting NCHANS STUDIO ( This website is managed by Challengia and serves as the official source of informations regarding the series “NCHANS”. As it contain suggestive materials (erotism, partial nudity), this website is not suitable for everyone. Other sources are third part websites and social medias.

“NCHANS” refers to both the series and the main characters. The NChans are a group of characters created in 2013 by Challengia with the help of artists Acetea-san (2011) and Gumwad201 (2013-2014). Originally the NChans were the mascots of the Challengia’s 2011 website called “NChallenge” at that time, the concept was to have hostesses guiding visitors throught the website and social networks. In 2015 the choice was made to develop contents around the NChans and make a series with video games, mobile games, mobile apps and other forms of representation.

NChans characters, logos and softwares belong to Challengia.

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IP uses and fanmades policy

We (“Challengia!”) invite people to support the NCHANS IP (the Intellectual Property) by creating fanmade stuffs. But there are some limitations we would like to set to avoid any complications and abuses. We reserve the right to reach individuals to support further their work or ask to stop their project.

– You are not allowed to use any official material created and used by Challengia and NChans Studio (which include pictures and sounds) for your own projects, even for non-commercial productions.
– You are not allowed to reproduce any content made by Challengia and make it as your own, and you can not claim the sole ownership of a copied content.
– You are not allowed to create any NCHANS based merchandises without our permission first. Negotiations can be opened through the contact page.

Non commercial productions
You are allowed to create non-commercial productions which include videos/livestreams, fangames, cosplays, fanarts and remixes. And there are 3 distincts exceptions type of revenue you can have on that situation:
– Ad revenue on videos and streaming (YouTube, Twitch).
– Subscription (YouTube, Twitch, Patreon).
– Donation (YouTube, Twitch).

Also, we accept to see artists to be paid by their customers to draw fanarts of NChans characters but only for non-commercial uses. For interested artists, we due conduct official art contests so don’t hesitate to check the schedule.

You can ask us using our contact form here for any question and suggestion. If you have made an offer but didn’t get a reply, consider this as a refusal.