New Stickers (version 2.2.8p)
By NChans Studio
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The NChans Style and NChans Style+ apps do not have received any updates since last january. We are still not able to add new styles contents and we hope the situation will evolve.

While waiting for this, we are making a large update to NChans Style+ by add brand new stickers for your homescreens. 52 stickers based on previous styles will be added with version 2.2.8p. You will have 150 stickers on total after this update, and more are in the way!


  • Nindo Company (icon)
  • Nindo Company (retro icon)
  • Honchan’s cap
  • Style
  • 5th Anniversary
  • 10th Anniversary
  • Happy New Year
  • Spades
  • Hearts
  • Diamonds
  • Clubs
  • Stars
  • Pearls
  • Nindo Company (building)
  • Honchan
  • Stachan
  • Pinchan
  • Lawchan
  • Double Happiness (cercle)
  • Double Happiness


  • The NChans
  • Pinup Samurai
  • NChans Bunnies
  • Summer of Pinups
  • Hostesses at the Beach
  • Want some Watermelons?
  • My Bride Amachan
  • My Bride Vluchan
  • My Bride Faychan
  • My Bride Myschan
  • My Bride Jiuchan
  • My Bride Cyochan
  • Bewitching Halloween
  • Beware the Jiangshi
  • The Fallen Bride
  • Experiments
  • The Pinups have a gift!
  • Join Us Tonight!
  • Night of Elegance
  • Let’s Celebrate!
  • Time to Shine!
  • To the Temple
  • Pinups Kimono
  • The Festival is starting!
  • Pinup Invitation
  • Pinup Union
  • Kunoichi in Action
  • Legendary Honchan
  • Legendary Lawchan
  • Legendary Ninchan
  • Bunny Kurchan
  • Summer Cuties

We will keep updating the app with more styles to come, both free and premium. Thanks and have fun using our NChans Style service!

  • NChans Style+ is only available on Amazon AppStore as a premium purchase. Stickers are only available on NChans Style+ version.

Stickers for homescreen are exclusive to NChans Style+ app.