NChans Style Quizz
By NChans Studio
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Question #01 - Who is Lawchan among these 4 pinups?

Question #02 - Summer time! But what is holding Urachan here?

Question #03 - Which pinups couple is not featured yet in Valentine's Day event - "Ribbons of Love"? (one of the proposals is false)

Question #04 - Who is Enachan among these 4 pinups?

Question #05 - What is Vyschan's disguise during the Halloween event - "Bewitching Halloween"?

Question #06 - Who is posing with Dolchan in this scene from the Spring event - "Spring Festival"?

Question #07 - Honchan has several appearences in NChans Style. But which one Honchan does not actually wear yet?

Question #08 - Who is Maichan among these 4 pinups?

Question #09 - Where takes place the scene of the in New Year event - "Night of Elegance" where the hostesses wear glow dresses?

Question #10 - How many flowers can be seen in total on Bride Stachan? (not counting Bride Pinchan / flower bouquet)