NChans Style allows you to customize your smart devices with exclusive high-definition illustrations of the NChans hostesses. Meet Honchan, Stachan, Pinchan and the other hostesses on your devices!

This app allows you to quickly and easily choose the wallpapers you want from a wide selection of characters and themes. You can even save them in a Favorites list to directly use the one you likes most.

Each month new illustrations will be added to the app to offer you more choices! New themes will display the NChans in more different styles. Halloween, Kimono, Bunny girls, New Year and more to discover!


The main function of NChans Style is changing your wallpaper in only a few secondes. You can alternate new backgrounds following you desire for a specific character and theme!

To change an illustration, it is easy: select the illustration you want as new wallpaper and tap into “set as wallpaper”. The illustrations are optimazed for tablet devices but it’s perfectly working on phone devices!


Free Styles

★ Premium Styles

The pinups NChans pose for various themes. “Free Styles” themes are themes free to use to all users, it features the pinups in their default appearence. This includes chinese dress, bunny suit and their red/black variations. Premium Styles themes feature the NChans in various seasonal fan-favorites and exclusive outfits like wedding, Halloween, Christmas or swimsuit.

Premium styles require an in-app purchase called Premium Pass to be used as your wallpapers. They are marked by a red star “★”. The Premium Pass also removes ads and basicaly it helps to support our work.

Premium Pass is a “one purchase” Google Play* item, so as long as you’re connected with your Google account you will continue to have access on Premium Styles.

* Depending on your devices it may not cross-save your settings.

2 days ago

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