Main Styles

Here is a list of the main styles featured in NChans Style+. This list doesn’t include variations of these styles.

All Styles
NChans Style
Pinups Summer
Sweet Sweet Wedding
Bewitching Halloween
Happy Dreams
Merry Christmas
Night of Elegance
Spring Festival
Ribbons of Love
Secret Missions
Gracious Picnic
Steamy Relaxation
Pinups Legends
Stickers Extra
Stickers Scenes
Ribbon Zypchan
Ribbon Nyachan and Noxchan
Ribbon Maichan and Xiuchan
Ribbon Depchan and Dolchan
Ribbon Amachan
Babydoll Myschan
Babydoll Joychan
Babydoll Faychan
Babydoll Katchan
Babydoll Zahchan
Onsen Pinchan
Onsen Lawchan and Lawchan
Onsen Keynchan
Onsen Honchan
Onsen Baochan
Onsen Stachan
Legendary Muhchan
Bride Myschan
Winter Voxchan
Winter Sylchan
Winter Itachan
Winter Guachan
Winter Caechan
Summer Faychan
Babydoll Venchan
Babydoll Tagchan
Babydoll Quachan
Babydoll Popchan
Babydoll Pemchan
Legendary Ninchan
Monster Vyschan
Scientist Pinchan
Fallen Bride Lawchan
Gracious Wurchan
Gracious Vyschan
Summer Urachan
Gracious Pyuchan
Gracious Opachan
Summer Jinchan
Gracious Enachan
Legendary Lawchan
Legendary Honchan
Matsuri Yatchan
Matsuri Dolchan
Kimono Tylchan
Kimono Myschan
Kimono Raychan
Kunoichi Itachan
Kunoichi Honchan
Kunoichi Foechan
Kunoichi Baochan
Kunoichi Maichan
Ribbon Woechan and Xeychan
Ribbon Wamchan and Urachan
Ribbon Katchan
Ribbon Rulchan and Grechan
Ribbon Bibchan and Dimchan
Evening Sylchan
Evening Rinchan
Evening Popchan
Evening Lawchan
Evening Faychan
Evening Brychan
Winter Prychan
Winter Nyachan
Winter Numchan
Winter Jinchan
Witch Quachan
Devil Vimchan
Jiangshi Varchan
Spider Rulchan
Pumpkin Knichan
Brides Stachan and Pinchan
Bride Jiuchan
Bride Honchan
Bride Cyochan
Kimono Lawchan
Kimono Urachan
Kimono Sunchan
Evening Honchan
Evening Guachan
Summer Zenchan
Summer Vyschan
Summer Trychan
Vampire Itachan
Ghost Honchan
Summer Foechan
Werewolf Doychan
Summer Caechan
Mummy Bibchan
Bride Woechan
Summer Wamchan
Bride Vluchan
Summer Raychan
Bunny Kurchan
Bride Faychan
Bunny Dimchan
Bride Amachan
Summer Baochan
Summer Stachan
Summer Honchan
Bunny Honchan