Free styles available #03
By NChans Studio
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Now you can find the free styles under two sub categories : “NChans Style” folder which are exclusive styles featuring the NChans posing with grace and charm, and “NChans Studio” folder which contain styles featuring NChans Studio website material (from the hostesses profiles).

There is a third categorie called “NChans Special” wich was previously reserved for “background styles only” and some extra stuff. The “1st Anniversary” style is moved and now available on that sub categorie.

These changes were made a few days before but now we can confirm it’s definitive. We think this change will help with visibility while increasing the among of available styles for you to uses as wallpapers. The picture folder will soon be change.

We are adding free styles to NChans Style you can use without limit.

NChans Style

  • Duo Fairies (Faychan and Sylchan)
  • Voxchan and Zenchan
  • Jiuchan and Amachan
  • Duo Cuties (Itachan and Caechan)
  • Doychan and Zahchan
  • Opachan and Raychan
  • Gaïchan and Dhuchan
  • Duo Lovely (Kurchan and Popchan)
  • Duo Knowledge (Keychan and Baochan)

We will keep updating the app with more styles to come, both free and premium. Thanks and have fun using our NChans Style service!

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