Update #04
By NChans Studio
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This is the fourth server update we did since the launch of NChans Style “version 2.0”. A maintenance was conducted earlier this week, and here are the modifications:

– Somes styles have been updated. The mysterious styles “???” has been removed.

– The free styles using NChans Studio portraits of the pinups have been removed. These styles are still avalable on NChans Style+ and will be removed in a subsequent date. New original free styles will come to NChans Style within the next year updates along side old and new seasonal events.

– Styles categories have been updated and now there are 2 extra categories : “Special Backgrounds” and “Event Backgrounds”. The first one is dedicated to pattern styles (previously set on NChans Style category), and the second for events styles like “NChans Style 1st Anniversary” or “All-in-One #1”, using actual pinups and styles or for promotion purpose. Pattern styles will be set as free later this week.

We will keep updating the app with more styles to come, both free and premium. Thanks and have fun using our NChans Style service!

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