New Styles – Secret Missions
By NChans Studio
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Secret kunoichi are ready to strike! Please check the video above.

This update contain the newest premium set of styles and stickers, “Secret Missions” featuring Honchan, Baochan, Maichan, Itachan and Foechan in ninja outfits for NChans Style and NChans Style+.

A new NChans Contest for artists will be hold during May/June based on Secret Missions update. Stay tuned on our social networks to know when we will launch it.

We also introduce Pinups Legends, a new premium set which will feature exclusively prime pinups (= 5 stars pinups) from Nindo Company from 1880s to Lawchan’s generation. Legendary Pinups are wearing golden attire. As you could see with the video presentation, the first legendary pinup is Honchan, the current Nindo Company’s muse, in a state she just has obtained her fifth star. You will have to wait a little longer as Legendary Honchan is not ready yet to be included on this update. Legendary Honchan is also available as stickers with the latest version update.

To use the latest stickers, you will need to update NChans Style+ to version 2.2.4p.

Secret Missions

  • Honchan (Kunoichi)
  • Baochan (Kunoichi)
  • Maichan (Kunoichi)
  • Itachan (Kunoichi)
  • Foechan (Kunoichi)
  • Duo Kunoichi Honchan and Maichan
  • Duo Kunoichi Baochan and Itachan
  • Duo Kunoichi Foechan and Maichan
  • Kunoichi on the roof (Honchan, Baochan and Maichan)
  • Team Kunoichi (Honchan, Foechan, Baochan and Mainchan)
  • Kunoichi in action – Baochan
  • Kunoichi in action – Foechan

Special Backgrounds

  • Nindo Company – Roof

Stickers (NChans Style+ only, version 2.2.4p)

  • Chibi Honchan (Legendary)
  • Honchan (Legendary) (x2)
  • Chibi Knichan (Kunoichi)
  • Honchan (Kunoichi)
  • Baochan (Kunoichi)
  • Maichan (Kunoichi)
  • Foechan (Kunoichi)
  • Itachan (Kunoichi)
  • Duo Kunoichi (Honchan and Foechan)

We will keep updating the app with more styles to come, both free and premium. Thanks and have fun using our NChans Style service!

To use premium styles, you need the Premium Pass. This allow you to use all premium styles (Pinups Summer, Sweet Sweet Weddings, Bewitching Halloween and the futures premium styles) for an unlimited number of times without ads for a better user experience.

You can also purchase NChans Style+ and have the exclusive stickers feature to further customize your homescreens!

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