NChans Contest #02 - Sweet Sweet Wedding

NChans Studio and Challengia are making a new art contest to promote NChans Style app! Sweet Sweet Wedding was one of several background themes launched last year. The NChans are wearing cute lingerie wedding dresses.

Sweet Sweet Wedding Set #1 includes Bride Amachan, Bride Myschan, Bride Faychan, Bride Woechan and Bride Vluchan. On NChans Style, Bride Jiuchan and Bride Cyochan are only visible in chibi form for now.

Draw your favorites pinups hostesses wearing lingerie weddings! You’re restricted the NChans characters available for the Wedding event. The contest is being hold on DeviantArt website. 3 winners will be selected!

CONTEST SUBJECT – Sweet Sweet Wedding
Be my Valentine for that special moment! ~♥
The NChans are wearing cute lingerie wedding dresses!


  • #1 – $100 USD OR 8000 DeviantArt Points
  • #2 – $50 USD OR 4000 DeviantArt Points
  • #3 – $25 USD OR 2000 DeviantArt Points

*You need a PayPal account in order to receive the prize.

CONTEST DURATION – February 5 to March 4


We would appreciate if you share your entries on your social networks (Facebook and Twitter) using #NChans or/and #NChansStyle hasthags.

By entering the contest, you accept your creations to be used as promotional materials by NChans Studio and Challengia. If you don’t agree while willing to participate, just inform us on the uses of your creation.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post a comment on the DeviantArt contest page.


  • One single entry (1 drawing) per person
  • Only the selected characters
  • Using the NChans’s wedding outfits (no change/alter outfits)
  • Including 2 to 5 characters maximum
  • Using anime style, normal ratio or chibi form (“Super Deformed”)


  • Changing widely the character-design
  • Including original characters / characters from other series
  • Using defamation (racism, homophobia, etc), pornography, violence, gore
  • Using realistic art style, 3D model, cosplay
  • Using someone else’s content
Available characters
Bride Amachan

Bride Amachan

Bride Myschan

Bride Myschan

Bride Faychan

Bride Faychan

Bride Jiuchan

Bride Jiuchan

Bride Woechan

Bride Woechan

Bride Cyochan

Bride Cyochan

Bride Vluchan

Bride Vluchan

11 entries

1st – llSwaggerll

2nd – Yukie94

3rd – CadyCassy (DeviantArt only)



5th -MarsMellon

5th – MarsMellon

6th - Araneas-Adopts

6th – Araneas-Adopts

7th - KatrinLouiseo24

7th – KatrinLouiseo24

8th - Coffekacchan

8th – Coffekacchan

9th - SardinendoseFab

9th – SardinendoseFab

10th - Pikapika212

10th – Pikapika212

11th - Minidragonfly

11th – Minidragonfly