News Styles available – Night of Elegance
January 8, 2020
Nindo Company CEO account, sharing essential information about our activities.

Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year 2020, the company organized a party and the hostesses were the special guests! Wearing beautiful evening dresses, the NChans were the stars of the night!

We added new premium styles to NChans Style: Night of Elegance. Find Honchan, Depchan and Guachan wearing elegant evening dresses.

Don’t forget: Summer Honchan and Summer Stachan styles are free to use until January 23! Don’t miss this limited offer!

To use premium styles, you need the Premium Pass. This allow you to use all premium styles (Pinups Summer, Sweet Sweet Weddings, Bewitching Halloween and the futures premium styles) for an unlimited number of times without ads for a better user experience.