New Styles – Pinups Summer #02
By NChans Studio
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We added new premium styles to NChans Style: Pinups Summer, the second wave! This includes some characters who appeared in NChans Style version 1.0 (2017) such as Vyschan, Foechan, Caechan and Trychan. The Pinups Summer premium theme is now the one which features the most styles for your devices! Please take a look at the latest video showcasing the pinups hostesses.

The Pinups Summer #2 should have been available for September, but we couldn’t release until now. To compensate, we offer 2 premium styles: Summer Honchan and Summer Stachan, for free to use until January 23 of next year. You have 3 months to enjoy these summer styles!

To use premium styles, you need the Premium Pass. This allow you to use all premium styles (Pinups Summer, Sweet Sweet Weddings, Bewitching Halloween and the futures premium styles) for an unlimited number of times without ads for a better user experience.

Featured hostesses